Memorializing your loved one

Cremation does not require a funeral or memorial service. Memorial services are left up to the family’s discretion. You may choose to have a complete cremation service, which is similar to a traditional funeral service with a viewing prior to cremating and burial. Alternatively, some choose an immediate or direct cremation of the deceased.

We’re here to help you understand your options. There is no correct way to memorialize your loved one. The best way is in a way that honors the life of the deceased and their memory.

About cremation

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To put it simply, cremating expedites the process of reducing a body to bone fragments through the application of extreme heat. There are many ways to memorialize the deceased and lay them to rest by scattering the remains, holding a traditional burial, or personalizing memorialization with an urn, plaque, or other keepsake.

Cremation choices

kaufman funeral home cremation choices

•  Complete

•  Immediate

•  Direct

Counseling and service planning

Kaufman Funeral Home & Cremation Services is available for counseling and service planning during your time of grief. Counseling is encouraged as it is helpful in making the final arrangements for your loved one’s memorial service. Read more about our counseling services.